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Complete New Yorker archive on a hard disk

Friday, December 07, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named newyorkerdrive.jpgI saw an ad in yesterday's NY Times that offered the complete New Yorker magazine archive, including all the cartoons and ads, going back to 1920-something for a bit more than the hard disk would cost. The ad was from J&R, the company that makes the product is Pexagon. $149. Sounds like there might be DRM. Permalink to this paragraph

I asked for something like this from the music business. A hundred gigs of popular music for $500, all pre-installed on the disk without DRM.  Permalink to this paragraph

Someone at the New Yorker had this idea too? It's a good one. Bulk content for collector types. Another source of revenue. I want to run my own personal radio station, so having every song of a certain genre or from a certain period makes the diff. Permalink to this paragraph

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