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FlickrFan, day 2

Friday, December 28, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Good morning, lots of discussion on many weblogs about the new product, FlickrFan, announced here last night. Permalink to this paragraph

I'm going to write about it here, a lot, over the coming weeks and months, but first I wanted to link to some of the comments about it. Permalink to this paragraph

Michael Markman: How to Use FlickrFan with AppleTVPermalink to this paragraph

Don Park: Dave's New ThingyPermalink to this paragraph

Rex Hammock: Dave's cool new thingPermalink to this paragraph

I guess it's a "thing" eh? ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

Phil Jones: Platform WarsPermalink to this paragraph

Michael Gartenberg: FlickrFan first thoughtsPermalink to this paragraph

Scoble (yesterday): The MacMini HDTV revolutionPermalink to this paragraph

Fred Wilson and Bijan Sabet have been using the software for the last month or so in a variety of forms.  Permalink to this paragraph

Loren Feldman marks the moment in history. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

Om Malik came for a visit last month, we took a walk in the hills, and of course I talked about FlickrFan and did a demo. Permalink to this paragraph

There were other articles and reviews, you can find them on TechMeme or Technorati. One thing I've learned is that takes a bit of time to find the right mix of personal pics from Flickr and news pics from AP. It's an unusual app because whole families can use it, and they have different preferences and expectations. The tech blogosphere tends to rush to decide about things. I find they sometimes miss the mark, widely and I was sure this would be one of those times, which is why I didn't roll it out the usual way. Permalink to this paragraph

I wanted to get a base of users going, and learn and evolve the software, so far it looks pretty good, so the next step is to evaluate, listen, fix the most serious bugs I can find, think, and then move forward.  Permalink to this paragraph

Watch this space (below) for new features and fixes... Permalink to this paragraph

Change Note #17: List of newly-installed FlickrFansPermalink to this paragraph

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