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Recommendation for Flickr

Friday, December 28, 2007 by Dave Winer.

I've been emailing today with photographers who use Flickr to manage their sets and collections. They like it that people can view their pictures publicly, but they want to control how they're used. RSS, used as a way to distribute pictures, is a new idea for many of them.  Permalink to this paragraph

Based on these conversations I think it's important that they have a way to: Permalink to this paragraph

1. Turn off the RSS feed for their pictures. Permalink to this paragraph

2. To have their pictures not included in RSS feeds based on tags and searches. Permalink to this paragraph

3. To include their pictures in RSS feeds, but only links to them, and the titles and descriptions, but not as enclosures. Permalink to this paragraph

Of course this recommendation isn't just for Flickr, it's a good idea for any photo-sharing site. Permalink to this paragraph

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