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Insightful review in Wired News

Saturday, December 29, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Michael Calore at Wired News writes about something I do too, and love. Permalink to this paragraph

Wired News: "The first time I ran it, I let FlickrFan pull just AP photos, then I sat back and watched. I run two monitors here at my desk at Wired, so I can see two photos from the news agency side by side. This makes for some fantastic juxtapositions -- like a picture of Bhutto smiling on one screen and her coffin being hoisted by mourners on the other, or of Iraqi children playing soccer on one side and a center ice scrum from an NHL hockey game on the other." Permalink to this paragraph

It's a fun game to play in the living room with just one monitor, but with two (Macs work very cleanly with multiple montors) you get some special kind of magic. Permalink to this paragraph

People who focus on the software miss the point. It's about the photography. The software just facilitates. Permalink to this paragraph

Update: A Flickr set that illustratesPermalink to this paragraph

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