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Pride of Cucamonga, Day 2

Saturday, December 29, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named mac.jpgStill listening to this classic Dead song.  Permalink to this paragraph

And writing about it on Twitter... Permalink to this paragraph

It's an MP3 that I ripped from the Mars Hotel album. Which I bought on CD many years ago. Permalink to this paragraph

I've listened to this track about 1000 times. When I play it it puts a smile on my face. Because Cucamonga is a place with no pride, imho. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

It's a joke, kind of like Truckin makes fun of New Orleans, a town that done the Dead wrong, once, a long time ago. Permalink to this paragraph

Now if it were on vinyl I would have wore it out a long time ago. I'm sure there was a copy of the song on the disk Apple stole from me. Permalink to this paragraph

There you have it RIAA. You can go after Apple. I'll support you because they stole from both of us. They have no right to listen to PofC. Permalink to this paragraph

I imagine Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller sitting around smokin a doobie listening to Phil Lesh sing, thinking "Dave has good taste in music." Permalink to this paragraph

BTW, Cucamonga is a suburb in southern CA. Near Ontario. Probably very non-descript. Might have been interesting 70 years ago. Permalink to this paragraph

And that's your bedtime story for Saturday, boys and girls. Have a nice day, don't hit your brother (or sister) and be nice to the sitter! Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named smallpride.jpg Permalink to this paragraph

Update: Frank Zappa lived in Cucamonga.  Permalink to this paragraph

Flickr search for Cucamonga. Lots of hits! Permalink to this paragraph

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