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Trade Secrets 2.0?

Friday, January 04, 2008 by Dave Winer.

Just got off the phone with Scoble. Permalink to this paragraph

He told me about a blog post he just put up, entitled ErasedPermalink to this paragraph

He says something really simple. When Facebook had an issue with him, they erased his presence.  Permalink to this paragraph

Seems they could have frozen his account leaving his presence as-is until they could figure out what to do about it. Permalink to this paragraph

Anyhooo... Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named love.gifWe want to do a podcast from our phone conversations. I'd love to use Twittergram, but we're limited there to 30 seconds. I wanted to use BlogTalkRadio, but their service does so much more than we want, and you can't just call it when you have an idea you want to record. I'd like to try something other than Utterz, so if you know of something, please let either Scoble or myself know. Permalink to this paragraph

Think of it as Trade Secrets 2.0. It's the same idea that got me doing a podcast with Adam Curry in 2004. We were having interesting private phone conversations where we'd get around to saying sheez why the fuck aren't we recording this stuff. Scoble and I are at the same place now. Permalink to this paragraph

So if you know of some service we could use, or if you can convince the BTR guys to give us the service we want (that would be my first choice) please let me know. Permalink to this paragraph


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