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The place on the Net for Flix

Sunday, January 13, 2008 by Dave Winer.

They are running for the hills but the end of the trail is Little Big Horn, where Custer made his last stand, and lost his life. Of course the Indians didn't do too well either. Permalink to this paragraph

AP: "Girding for a potential threat from Apple Inc., online DVD rental service Netflix Inc. is lifting its limits on how long most subscribers can watch movies and television shows over high-speed Internet connections." Permalink to this paragraph

Please oh Netflix strategy gods, get a copy of Marketing Warfare and read it. Permalink to this paragraph

Netflix owns what used to be a great hill, for some it might still be one, the movies-by-mail hill. Permalink to this paragraph

They obviously feel they need to be in the Internet movie business, and in that they have a huge head start that they aren't using. They are being too damned fair to their competitors.  Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named netflix.gifGive the users the ability to grant other sites access to their movie ratings. Build Netflix into the social network of movies. You're already there, but you need to make every other social network connect up to Netflix. You need to be the hub for movie-watching on the net. You're lucky that so far that's what you are. But soon you will have to fight for that too, and then it will be too late to try to force your competitors to connect to your site. They will have data that you want. Then the nature of the negotiating will change. Right now you have the data. Use that power! Permalink to this paragraph

Make the users everyone think of Netflix as the place on the Net for Flix. Permalink to this paragraph


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