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Steve Jobs keynote

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 by Dave Winer.

I'm "watching" it from home. Permalink to this paragraph

A few minutes before it started someone on Twitter asked how long before the rate of updates on Twitter brought it down. Permalink to this paragraph

Well, it's down now (9:22AM). Permalink to this paragraph

I'm watching the updates on Engadget, far from an optimal experience. Somone ought to make live-blogging a bit easier on the reader.  Permalink to this paragraph

So far he's announced "Time Capsule" -- a hardware device that backs up any Mac in the house over wifi. It's like a router with a hard drive.  Permalink to this paragraph

The market is down, and so is Apple, almost 4 points at 175 at 9:30AM. Permalink to this paragraph

They've sold 4 million iPhones. As an Apple shareholder that makes me happy. Permalink to this paragraph

5 million Leopards. He quotes quotemills, Mossberg and Pogue. Permalink to this paragraph

Twitter is still down at 9:37AM. Permalink to this paragraph

Maybe they took the system down so they could demo it at Moscone without any load? Permalink to this paragraph

http://www.macrumorslive.com/ -- much better! Thanks!! ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named netflix.gifMovies on iTunes, this is what Netflix was worried about. Lots of questions. Only 1000 titles. 30 days after release on DVD. What's the quality? HD? I don't think Netflix has much to worry about, they have much more than 1000 titles (I think I've probably already watched 1000 movies on my Netflix account) and they get them the day they come out on DVD, and ahem, I have to say this, so does BitTorrent. Hollywood is still scared of the net. They didn't give a great deal to Steve, or so it seems. Permalink to this paragraph

Ahhh -- AppleTV 2.0. No need to synch with a desktop or laptop. Why don't they just sell the Mac Mini. Perfect product for the living room.  Permalink to this paragraph

Community movie features. Just like Netflix.  Permalink to this paragraph

Just checked Twitter at 9:52AM -- it's up. Permalink to this paragraph

More stuff about AppleTV. It's a software upgrade. Does pictures from Flickr and .Mac. That's good everybody, good. RSS everywhere.  Permalink to this paragraph

At 10:05AM, Twitter is dead again.  Permalink to this paragraph

I see they came out with a thin sub-notebook, MacBook Air. Permalink to this paragraph


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