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Ways we can help

Thursday, January 24, 2008 by Dave Winer.

I had two ideas of ways people can help the US, maybe there will be more. Permalink to this paragraph

1. When the President and Congress announce their stimulus package immediately give your share to the Obama campaign. Even if you haven't gotten the check yet. You can be sure that they'll spend the money immediately, and that will stimulate the economy. And maybe we can get the candidate in the mood again to give us some of those inspiring speeches he's so good at. I find that stimulating, I don't know about you. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

2. This is a missed opportunity. John Edwards, in the debate on Monday, could have said to Hillary in his famous southern drawl. "I don't know how y'all up there in the north do it, but down here we try to quote people accurately Hill. We both know that Barack may not be the perfect candidate, god knows I'd be a better president, but sheeeeeyit, he didn't say what you said he said. How about sticking to the facts?" He might have got my vote then and there. He didn't do it. He should be kicking himself for it now. Permalink to this paragraph

3. Michelle Obama and Elizabeth Edwards should challenge Bill Clinton to a spouse's debate. Both women are eloquent and forceful advocates, as Hillary Clinton said so well. This would position Bill Clinton in a legally accurate manner, and would expose the farce of the Clinton candidacy. No time to waste here.  Permalink to this paragraph


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