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Yahoo + Microsoft

Friday, February 01, 2008 by Dave Winer.

Should Yahoo accept Microsoft's offer?  Permalink to this paragraph

Sure. What else do they have to do? Permalink to this paragraph

Most tech companies are pretty aimless, people think there's a grand plan to Apple or Google, but I bet there isn't. They just throw stuff up on the wall, if it sticks, do version 2.0. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

Does Yahoo + Microsoft make sense? Permalink to this paragraph

Nahh. It's like the dead leading the blind. Permalink to this paragraph

The only reason the deal makes sense is because it's the only thing either company could do that anyone might possibly care about. Permalink to this paragraph

It would make more sense for Twitter to acquire Yahoo. At least then they'd get some servers that could stay up for 24 hours straight. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

Anyway, I might have been too hard on em. But then again... Permalink to this paragraph

PS: To those who think Twitter couldn't acquire Yahoo, I might have agreed until we saw NeXT "buy" Apple.  Permalink to this paragraph

PPS: Scott Rosenberg sees it as "a path to failure for both companies." Permalink to this paragraph

PPPS: Scoble thinks it's interesting. Permalink to this paragraph


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