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Scripting the iPod, day 2

Monday, February 11, 2008 by Dave Winer.

Continuing the thread from yesterday. Permalink to this paragraph

I got absolutely nowhere, some people suggested I use a smart playlist, missing the point that I'm a developer working on a podcatcher, not a user trying to use iTunes as a podcatcher. I'm sure it's an excellent way to subscribe to podcasts, but I have my own ideas how podcatchers should work, and I want to integrate them with other stuff I'm working on. Integrating with iTunes is proving to be quite a challenge, or maybe it's an art, we'll see.  Permalink to this paragraph

As usual Mac users are superior sumbitches. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

(Quoting the James Brolin character the first time we meet him in the third season finale of The West Wing.) Permalink to this paragraph

Anyway, the search continues, I tried another more direct tack, and looked for glue for iTunes for UserLand, and bingo, there's a match, from 2001, a well-known Frontier programmer Sean Elfstrom, apparently converted glue for the Sonic SoundJam app that iTunes used to be, before Apple acquired it.  Permalink to this paragraph

I installed the glue in the OPML Editor. It's daunting, for sure, but let's see what I can get working. Permalink to this paragraph


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