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I don't care if Roger Clemens is lying

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 by Dave Winer.

I'm a lifelong baseball fan, and I don't care if Roger Clemens took steroids, or if he is lying or if McNamee is lying.  Permalink to this paragraph

News is stuff that's important. If it's national news, it's stuff that is important to everyone in the nation. Whether Clemens took steroids or not is a proper topic for a 60 Minutes, Fresh Air or Nightline segment. To take a whole day across all the cable channels the day after three pivotal primaries is very wrong. (And what if they do it again tomorrow? Oy.) Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named mcnameeTestifies.jpgSo it's ridiculous that all the cable news channels are broadcasting the full testimony of Roger Clemens and his accuser. Hours of repetitive questions and the same answers, over and over, while there is news happening in the world. I know because I'm subscribed to the MSNBC and AP feeds on Twitter. I have a Google Alert that shows me results of all the campaign conference calls. (There have been a couple this morning, from Obama and McCain, I'd love to get MP3s, and still looking for a feed.) Permalink to this paragraph

It's time for some serious routing-around, or for the cable news programmers to get back on the job.  Permalink to this paragraph

Elisa Camahort: "Oh God, I so agree." Permalink to this paragraph

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