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How many blogging platforms are there?

Sunday, March 02, 2008 by Dave Winer.

My post yesterday about my excitement over innovation in the Pownce API, led to what, in retrospect, was a predictable backlash from users who don't want: Permalink to this paragraph

1. Twitter to get more complicated. Permalink to this paragraph

2. To switch to a service with less users. Permalink to this paragraph

3. To switch to another service. Permalink to this paragraph

And who do want: Permalink to this paragraph

1. Twitter to get more reliable. Permalink to this paragraph

I feel largely the same way, even so, I'm still going to: Permalink to this paragraph

1. Fill out the connective glue between my development environment and Pownce. Permalink to this paragraph

2. Revise my Flickr and podcasting tools to post to Pownce in addition to Twitter.  Permalink to this paragraph

3. Possibly develop new services that can only work with Pownce because of their (new) API advantage over Twitter. Permalink to this paragraph

Now, what does this mean for the market? Hard to know for sure, but here's what it could mean: Permalink to this paragraph

1. Twitter might be inspired to match the features in the Pownce API, thus blunting the new edge Pownce has.  Permalink to this paragraph

2. Pownce could become more popular and may prove to have the same or worse scaling problems than Twitter. Permalink to this paragraph

3. Pownce could retain its edge, allowing different kinds of apps to be built that run on their network, and both continue to grow and deal with scaling in their own ways. Permalink to this paragraph

4. Something else. Permalink to this paragraph

I'm pretty sure what won't happen is: Permalink to this paragraph

1. Pownce kills Twitter. Permalink to this paragraph

In blogging there are many platforms and related technologies. They all work differently and appeal to different groups of people. I suspect that's what's going to happen here. Permalink to this paragraph


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