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FriendFeed moves into TwitterSpace

Monday, March 24, 2008 by Dave Winer.

A picture named gumby.jpgWe said a couple of weeks ago that FriendFeed is gaining a lot of traction. Since then we've started a background conversation and have been giving them a bit of friendly advice (heh, sorry). Today they added a feature that brings it closer to Twitter, and in some ways takes it to a place Twitter hasn't reached yet. Permalink to this paragraph

FriendFeed, in addition to being an aggregator also allows you to post directly to other FriendFeed users who are following you, and it has a threaded comment system that allows you to post a response to anything that FF has discovered. But how do you read those responses elsewhere, and how do you know to go see if FF has anything you might be interested in? They have ways to deal with this, but none are as neat as the one they introduced today, if you use Twitter. Permalink to this paragraph

The feature: You can optionally route comments from FriendFeed to Twitter (if the original message came from Twitter) as a reply.  Permalink to this paragraph

Nothing more to say than yes, this is the right thing to do, and yes it is neat, and also it's nice to see Twitter get some competition. We know that products that have competition get better, and ones that don't generally have no incentive to. Considering that it would be good, imho, if Twitter were a little more active in adding features (I know others feel differently) it's good that FF is applying a little friendly (arrrgh) pressure.  Permalink to this paragraph

And to people who thought Scripting News had become 100 percent politics all the time, here's proof that it's not. ;->Permalink to this paragraph

PS: Just tested the new feature. It works.  Permalink to this paragraph


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