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Why can't we all just get along?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008 by Dave Winer.

A picture named jewWrestler.jpgIt was a friendly meeting today, but not without the usual competitive spirit between the Mozilla camp and the Microsoft camp.  Permalink to this paragraph

Mozilla engineering VP, Mike Schroepfer explained that Microsoft tends to implement technology already approved by the standards working groups, in a different way, and then says their implementation is the standard. Sounds like something Hillary Clinton would do, until you realize that the Mozilla guys do it too. Basically everyone does it, when they feel the competitive technology is implemented by someone smaller or less significant than themselves. And since this is a very immature business, everyone feels that way about everyone else, so it's something of a miracle when interop happens. Permalink to this paragraph

It has always been thus. Permalink to this paragraph

When Netscape, the company that spawned Mozilla, wanted to implement a format for content syndication in 1999, they did it outside of the W3C because they were sick of the dirty politics bigger companies that felt more significant had been using against them. There was prior art, but they trampled it, because (you guessed) they felt more significant than those that came before. Permalink to this paragraph

The trick is to get over that feeling, and to adopt something specifically because it comes from someone you feel superior to. Permalink to this paragraph

Be the change you seek. Permalink to this paragraph

I pointed out to Mike that three real religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism, religious causes that great wars have been fought over, for 2000-plus years, are just forks of the same religion and bible with emphasis placed on different characters, they are basically compatible. Isn't that amazing?  Permalink to this paragraph

In tech, where wars are between nerds who drink Jolt and read Microserfs, and couldn't fight a real war if our lives depended on it, why can't we at least agree to use the same names for elements of our XML that do the same damned thing?  Permalink to this paragraph

Something to think about! Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named parents.gif Permalink to this paragraph

End of editorial. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph


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