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Proof that the end is near

Sunday, March 30, 2008 by Dave Winer.

Over on Twitter I am unceremoniously blocking all tech industry superdelegates. Permalink to this paragraph

Let me explain. Permalink to this paragraph

Imagine if the tech industry was the Democratic Party, then the insider's insiders would be the superdelegates. The people who talk about people talking about people talking about people talking about tech.  Permalink to this paragraph

Somewhere at the end of the chain there are products and users, forgotten in all the drama.  Permalink to this paragraph

I'm sick of it. Permalink to this paragraph

I pulled out of the tech industry and started blogging in 1994 or 1997 depending on what you count as the start so I could get away from the crap. Now Mike Arrington is talking about turning TechCrunch into CNET. That's a sure sell signal. Get me the fuck outta here. Beam me up Scotty. This isn't Kansas anymore Auntie Em. Permalink to this paragraph

I announced this on Twitter, and people asked me to explain.  Permalink to this paragraph

I struggled, then I bounced over to TechMeme and found the perfect explanation. Click on the image below for the punchline.  Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named theEnd.gif Permalink to this paragraph

I'll tell you the answer. Most people wouldn't recognize an original thought if it bit them in the ass.  Permalink to this paragraph

What we used to call blogging is now just bullshit about recycled bullshit about recycled bullshit and on and on. Who bit who in the ass, never mind anything new or hard to comprehend, cause that's not what we do. We aggregate eyeballs and clickthroughs and CPMs and god knows what else. Permalink to this paragraph

Back in the old days before any of you were blogging, we (the olde skool bloggers) used to write about them watching us watching them watch us watch them.  Permalink to this paragraph

It's happening again... Permalink to this paragraph

Nothing wrong with it, it's human nature. Permalink to this paragraph

But it's time to decentralize again.  Permalink to this paragraph

Head for the hills. Permalink to this paragraph

If I could only remember where they are! ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

PS: Google is doing something itneresting. So much for finding all the juicy bits on TechMeme! ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

PPS: Tech industry people dis Marc Canter, they're idiots. Marc always knows what's going on long before they do. It sounds strange when he says it cause new stuff is strange.  Permalink to this paragraph

PPPS: Further proof that the end is near. This idiotic meta-meta-post made it on TechMeme. Oh the humanity.  Permalink to this paragraph

PPPPS: Thsi stupid piece is now the #2 item on TechMeme. Proof that the more stupid a post is, the higher it rises in what passes for the tech blogosphere. Update: It's now #1Permalink to this paragraph

PPPPPS: This won't be complete until Mathew Ingram tags on his two cents. Update: It's now complete. Good night Chet. Good night Daivd. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph


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