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Our standard April Fool party

Monday, March 31, 2008 by Dave Winer.

Watch out for the lunacy tomorrow as April Fools is celebrated on blogs and other websites far and wide. I imagine it's already started since it must be April 1 in New Zealand or Australia by now. Permalink to this paragraph

Here on Scripting News we celebrate something else... Our birthday! You see it was on April 1, 1997 that a blog-like website first appeared at www.scripting.com. Last year it was our 10th birthday, which implies that tomorrow is the 11th. Permalink to this paragraph

To celebrate, I've cobbled together a humble page that calculates the age of Scripting News with 10 digits of precision. Permalink to this paragraph

http://age.scripting.com/  Permalink to this paragraph

So at midnight tonight, it should flip over. If you like such things you may stay up to see it flip.  Permalink to this paragraph

Hey it's a geeky site. What else would you suggest? ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

So enjoy the other sites, and keep coming back through the years, Murphy-willing of course, as we all grow old together. Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named happyBirthdayScriptingNews.gif Permalink to this paragraph


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