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Wish I had something to write about

Monday, April 07, 2008 by Dave Winer.

I had a really bad cold all last week and through the weekend, but it's better this morning, I believe the sickness is gone, but the symptoms linger. It would be great if I had fiery blog post in me -- some newly apparent truth to expose, an insight into an opportunity, but I don't have one. But I wanted to post anyway, to say hi, and hope all is well. Permalink to this paragraph

In any case... Permalink to this paragraph

I'll leave you with one good thought. Permalink to this paragraph

On the news this morning, a profile of the guy in the General Accounting Office who's in charge of the transition that will start later this year, as we swap the government we have for a new one. He's renting huge amounts of office space, buying computers, networking equipment, Blackberries, everything you need to instantly bootstrap a new government running in parallel with the old one. What an interesting job! Permalink to this paragraph

And it put me in a good mood that, even though the process drags on, eventually it will conclude, and by the end of this year (it's already April) we'll be starting the transition to a new government.  Permalink to this paragraph

So I guess I had something to write about after all. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph


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