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Pownce becomes more useful

Thursday, May 08, 2008 by Dave Winer.

A picture named pounce.jpgTwitter is still my mainstay in microblogging, but I'm using FriendFeed more, and today Pownce removed an important limit that will make it useful in a way that neither Twitter or FriendFeed are. And because all three have APIs and excellent support for RSS, the chances to combine their strengths makes it possible for each to specialize. Permalink to this paragraph

Where Pownce is developing strength is in the area of payloads, but until today they were limited to members of Pownce and for non-pro users, to friends of the uploaders. Now it's possible to upload files that can be downloaded by anyone. The size limit for payloads used to be 10MB, now it's 100MB, and for pro users 250MB. Interesting new applications should be possible, making it competitive with services such as YouTube and blip.tv, and because it has an API it's possible to develop applications with Pownce that are not possible with other services. Permalink to this paragraph


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