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Tuesday political notes

Tuesday, May 13, 2008 by Dave Winer.

Tuesdays bring political news and today is no different. Permalink to this paragraph

First, an op-ed in today's New York TImes from 1972 Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern. I worked for McGovern, he was the last candidate before Obama that I believed in, this was when there was a draft and a war, and I was draft age, but not old enough to vote.  Permalink to this paragraph

Something I didn't know -- Hubert Humphrey led a challenge to the California delegation that made McGovern and his staff fight for the nomination through the convention, and according to McG this led to his defeat in November. This was news to me.  Permalink to this paragraph

McGovern wrote: "After winning the California primary in June, I thought I had the nomination in hand. But a desperate slash-and-burn effort was pressed against me by the candidates I had defeated. California's delegates that year were allocated under a winner-take-all system, but my opponents -- led by Senator Hubert Humphrey, my lifelong friend -- began clamoring to change the rules and to assign the state's delegates proportionally." Permalink to this paragraph

The whole story is good reading. Also division in the Democratic Party led to the election of Nixon in 1968 and Reagan in 1980.  Permalink to this paragraph

Key takeaway -- HRC is playing with fire when they hold out the possibility of fighting Obama's nomination all the way to the convention. Permalink to this paragraph

She won as expected tonight in West Virginia. Her speech was not in any way a concession, she's not looking to land the plane. Her advocates are talking dangerous election-losing talk. Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named childers.jpgMeanwhile, as Mickeleh says on Twitter, the really big news of the night -- the Dems won a special election in Mississippi, a district that the Republicans fought hard for. Mississippi is deep in the heart of Republican territory. Olbermann said it's as if the Dems lost a seat in Brooklyn. It's serious and very positive news for change. Permalink to this paragraph

Poor Huckabee was on MSNBC when the news of the Childers win came in. He didn't spin, came right out and said the news was every bit as bad for Republicans as it appears. Russert gave him credit for saying openly what Republicans had been saying privately.  Permalink to this paragraph

Meanwhile President Bush predictably, desperately threw FUD at the process, warning that if Obama is elected there could be another major terrorist attack on US soil. Thanks for the terrorism, Mr. President. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph


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