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Back in California

Sunday, May 18, 2008 by Dave Winer.

A picture named palm.jpgWhen I get back to California I always queue up this Beach Boys song. Puts a smile on my face and gets me back in the spirit. It's a great song cause it's not just a great California song it also says how great the whole USA is. I love this country, north, south, east and west, but coming home is getting back to the great weather, clear sunshine, warm days and cool people with the attitude and politics I'm so comfortable with. Don't get me wrong, Boston and New York are great too, but home is in California.  Permalink to this paragraph

Here are some pics and videos from the New York/Boston trip. Permalink to this paragraph

Didn't get a chance to talk with 1/2 the people I wanted to. Permalink to this paragraph

It was mostly a busdev trip. To start working face to face with the SwitchABit team. And to plot out the next projects after that.  Permalink to this paragraph

On Thursday we announced what SwitchABit is -- a platform for wiring together the apps that are rising up, all with APIs that allow them to be combined in itneresting ways, by more technical users, so we all can learn, and do more cool stuff and then who knows what. Permalink to this paragraph

Question -- Did you switch over to the new flickr.twittergram.com? How's it working? Any feedback for the team? We're dying to know if it's working for you. Did you push any pics through the engine over the weekend? Did they get through quickly and accurately? Permalink to this paragraph

iTunes is now playing Hotel California. I've got it playing all California tunes. Hah. Wonder what's next.  Permalink to this paragraph


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