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I wish Twitter would partner with Gnip

Tuesday, July 01, 2008 by Dave Winer.

A picture named usSmall.jpgYesterday I wrote a teaser piece masquerading as a vision piece. The vision is not mine, it's Eric Marcoullier's, a very affable and brilliant entrepreneur from San Francisco, who founded MyBlogLog and sold it to Yahoo for big bucks a few years back. Permalink to this paragraph

As we know Twitter is having scaling problems, and in fact, some of the problems are related to people pounding their API when they should just be getting the data through Gnip, Marcoullier's new startup. Permalink to this paragraph

But Gnip didn't officially exist until 9AM today, but as of now (9:20AM) there is no excuse. Twitter, what are you waiting for? Call Eric now, and do a deal and let's get on with building a fantastic network of wired-up Internet apps that scale. Permalink to this paragraph

And if you want to get details, get the full scoop from my amigo Marshall Kirkpatrick over at ReadWriteWeb.  Permalink to this paragraph

Here we go!! Permalink to this paragraph

Update: Mike Arrington seems to agree. "Notably absent from the list of partners is Twitter, which may be the one service that needs something like Gnip the most." Permalink to this paragraph


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