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Podcast with the Gnip guys

Tuesday, July 01, 2008 by Dave Winer.

I caught up with Eric Marcoullier and Jud Valeski of Gnip in Eric's car, this afternoon.  Permalink to this paragraph

http://mp3.newsjunk.com/interviewWithGnip.mp3  Permalink to this paragraph

Earlier today, on Scripting News, I asked Twitter to use Gnip to communicate with developers so the network can come back on. I wanted to find out if anything had come of it. Permalink to this paragraph

Nothing had... Permalink to this paragraph

Meanwhile, the guys believe there's no technical reason that Twitter can't turn back on all the services that were hooked into the XMPP gateway -- the protocol is designed for that kind of syndication.  Permalink to this paragraph

It seems, therefore that the reason must be economic -- which leads to the conclusion that Twitter, which was founded as an open platform, with a Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom philosophy, is now headed in the opposite direction. Permalink to this paragraph

We know where that leads, to the place where Instant Messaging foundered, which motivated the development of XMPP to route around the problem. (Oh the humanity!) Permalink to this paragraph

Gnip raises the question in about as clear a way possible, will Twitter come back to developers, or are we looking for a new platform to do the wonderful things we were hoping to do with Twitter. Permalink to this paragraph

Eric, like me, is friends with Bijan and Fred, on Twitter's board, so we're posing this question, which is potentially controversial, in a friendly way.  Permalink to this paragraph

Here's the smiley to prove it: ;-> Permalink to this paragraph


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