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Social cameras, on the way

Wednesday, July 02, 2008 by Dave Winer.

Bijan got a preview of the iPhone 2.0 software, which adds location to the camera. Permalink to this paragraph

It's a piece of the social camera puzzlePermalink to this paragraph

A picture named camera.gifWhen you come back from vacation where there are lots of other people taking pictures, go to Flickr 4.0 and enter the location and the time, and voila, vacation pictures and you're in all of them. :-) Permalink to this paragraph

It's bad news for people cheating on their spouses. Now it'll be easier to follow your trail and who you were with. (I had a preview of this, when I was on a date, walking down the street the other way was Justin with his camera mounted on his hat and his broadcasting laptop in his knapsack. It was a long time ago, if you want to see who I was out with you're going to have to search through a lot of archives. Enjoy!) Permalink to this paragraph

A feature like this (which was obviously coming for years) will reshape what it means to take a picture. That's why people are confused, because we all come from the past, and this product exists only in the future (for everyone but Bijan, who I hate). Permalink to this paragraph

Just kidding of course. Heh. Permalink to this paragraph

PS: This originally appeared as a comment on Bijan's blog. An illustration of "chasing the news" earlier todayPermalink to this paragraph


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