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Another tale of woe of Apple

Friday, July 11, 2008 by Dave Winer.

A picture named iphone.gifThese monolithic, upgrade the world in a day rollouts of Apple may not be such a great idea. And this is a reminder to myself never to be tempted by them.  Permalink to this paragraph

Lured into the iPhone 2.0 rollout timed to happen the same day as the iPhone 3G rollout and a day after the rollout of the new app store, I decided to updgrade my 1st-gen iPhone (purchased on June 29 last year) and fell into the same brick-hole as have many other iPhone users. Permalink to this paragraph

Surprise, the store couldn't handle the traffic. Sound familiar? Same thing happened last year. Permalink to this paragraph

Oy. This should the last monolithic shake-the-world rollout Apple does. Apple makes serious products that people use seriously. The idea that so many people lost their phones on the day of the rollout is just plain unacceptable. Permalink to this paragraph

Anyway, you can follow my travails here and herePermalink to this paragraph

And I may not be shit-out-of-luck. I forgot I have a trusty and boring Nokia N95 here that should work, its only problem is its battery is run down. I've got it plugged into my wall socket, which thanks to PG&E still works, even though Apple is rolling out its wonderful new world-changing products today. Permalink to this paragraph

Update: Persistence pays off. Keep your iPhone plugged in, power it off, power it on, wait for it to fail. If it doesn't you're done. If it does, repeat.  Permalink to this paragraph


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