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Feature suggestion for Twitter

Saturday, July 19, 2008 by Dave Winer.

A picture named joker.jpg"Like" Is a FriendFeed feature that Twitter should have. It's a misnomer, it's not about liking something. When you like something that means you recommend it. Everyone who follows you gets the recommendation. Permalink to this paragraph

How it would work in Twitter. Permalink to this paragraph

1. You're reading something I wrote in Twitter. Permalink to this paragraph

2. You say you "like" it -- which is like adding it to your Favorites (same UI). Permalink to this paragraph

3. It goes on your output stream. All the people who follow you see it too. Permalink to this paragraph

People are doing this manually now -- "retweeting" -- but this is one click and the system remembers where it came from. If it were possible to hang stuff off a tweet (as it is in FF) then there would only be one place. Permalink to this paragraph

Twitter should have this. It's a very important feature. Permalink to this paragraph

PS: From now on when I say something should be in Twitter, it should also be in all Twitter clones, for now that's identi.ca. Permalink to this paragraph

PPS: I'm sure Twitter-only people are sick of hearing it, but FF has mystical qualities that I'm not sure anyone fully appreciates. It reveals little bits of itself to you slowly over time. Not sure it's always the best way, but it's like a puzzle, a story that you want to know how it will turn out. You can't get it from a quick look, you have to immerse yourself in it. Not saying everyone should, but I'm glad I did. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

PPPS: I'm started to develop systems on top of FriendFeed that I initially thought I would develop on Twitter. Their reliability and performance make it thinkable, where Twitter has become flaky, not only technically, but also in the way it deals with developers. Could happen with FF too, but then my fallback is identi.ca, where worse comes to worse, I could operate my own net. Permalink to this paragraph

PPPPS: I am however using identi.ca for something I thought I would use Twitter for. As a lightweight identity system. For the project I'm working on, I'm requiring users to have an identi.ca login. This little thing has huge implications in the identity space. A lightweight low-security login that's accessible via API, it's something I've been asking Google and Yahoo to do for ages. They can't seem to wrap their minds around it. Along comes identi.ca and boom, problem solved.  Permalink to this paragraph


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