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Disabling Sprint interference with wifi

Monday, July 28, 2008 by Dave Winer.

A picture named sierraCompass597.jpgI posted yesterday, in desperation: "So far I love the Sprint 3G EVDO modem. Works great on Mac and Windows, no install CD, comes built-in. But... It takes over my wifi configuration on XP, keeps popping up dialogs that don't mean anything to me (and there's no reason for them, everything's working)." Permalink to this paragraph

The 3G Store support staff provided the answer. Permalink to this paragraph

To disable the Sprint SmartView as your default WiFi utlility: Permalink to this paragraph

1. Open SmartView. Permalink to this paragraph

2. Click Tools. Permalink to this paragraph

3. Select Settings. Permalink to this paragraph

4. Choose the Client tab in the settings window Permalink to this paragraph

5. Un-check Use this tool as my default WiFi Management Utility. Permalink to this paragraph

6. Click OK. Permalink to this paragraph

The screen on the Asus EEE PC is very short, so the OK button was hidden under the Taskbar at the bottom of the screen. If you right-click in the taskbar, choose Properties and uncheck Keep the taskbar on top of other windows you'll see the OK button so you can click it. Permalink to this paragraph

After that, whew, the normal Windows way of managing wifi is back.  Permalink to this paragraph

All in all, it seems it would be smarter, if Sprint has to interfere with wifi management, to have it default to off, so the first-time user experience would be a little more focused on the wonders of EVDO and less on how to disable its interference.  Permalink to this paragraph


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