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What if Edwards had been the nominee?

Friday, August 08, 2008 by Dave Winer.

A picture named edwards.jpgShudder to think what would have happened if Edwards had come out on top after the primaries. No doubt he would have had to withdraw in disgrace, the way Eagleton withdrew in 1972. Could he have made it all the way to the nomination without it coming out? Hard to imagine, but if it had he might have destroyed the Democratic Party.  Permalink to this paragraph

Stunningly self-destructive, for a guy who seemed so utterly in control, unshakable, willing to do anything to be President. He had it in for himself. Amazing that his wife knew and supported his run for President. Permalink to this paragraph

Did he coordinate the timing of this with Obama or is it a coincidence that he went on vacation the day the story broke, with a request that the press not pay any attention to him in the coming week? Or did Edwards spring this on him as well?  Permalink to this paragraph

This should put to rest any thought of HRC being the nominee for vice-president. The skeletons in her closet are much worse, and some of them aren't even hidden. The press gave her a pass in the primary. It wouldn't happen in the fall, she'd be held to account for them, there was outright bribery in the last days of the Clinton Administration, and she was part of it. Not a bystander. Permalink to this paragraph

BTW, one more little bomb waiting to go off is the verdict in the Hamdan trial which came out yesterday. The question is -- will he be released when his term is up in 4.5 months. Let's see, that's just about the time the Bushes are leaving town and Obama or McCain is taking office. Could the jury possibly have been thinking of this? Is McCain getting an ad ready saying "Hamdan will not get out as long as I'm President" and throw the hot potato over at Obama. This will be a campaign issue, for sure. The Dems better get ready for it. Permalink to this paragraph


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