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More movement in TwitterLand

Saturday, August 16, 2008 by Dave Winer.

I love it when things change! Permalink to this paragraph

And so far it looks like the Twitter folk did a good job with the features to support threading.  Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named mom.jpgThis is a very lightweight feature on the server side, lots more work in the client, and very similar to the effort required to support payloads. Just three new fields in the struct that represents a status. A pointer to the payload, its MIME type and size so clients know what to display to represent the payload.  Permalink to this paragraph

I love that identi.ca is matching Twitter feature-for-feature in the API, where it counts; continuing what Steve Gillmor calls their bearhug. Good term. Permalink to this paragraph

I also love that Twitter's API seems more responsive since the last time I worked on code that ran against it. Seems all the outages had a payoff, faster service for API calls. Permalink to this paragraph

I'm in a good mood, that's for sure, and then I heard that Obamaman raised $51 million in July. I love how they waited to announce theirs until after McSame announced he raised a mere $27 million. Heh. I love it when Dems play nasty. It's about fcuking time. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named funkytunes.jpgBTW, back to tech politics, Steve Gillmor is absolutely correct to insist that identi.ca stick to the 140 character limit. If they didn't, users would have to remember to only type 140-character posts if they wanted them to be able to go over a bridge to Twitter. Imagine if all the rail in the US were the same gauge, how much easier things would have been (they're not even a consistent gauge in the NYC subway system). Engineers have a hard time accepting historic limits like this, but it's often a good idea (not always of course).  Permalink to this paragraph

On a related topic DeWitt Clinton talks about the way FriendFeed handles general RSS sources. Permalink to this paragraph


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