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Summer 2008 road trip

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 by Dave Winer.

Good morning everybody! Permalink to this paragraph

This is Dave coming to you from Salt Lake City, UT. Permalink to this paragraph

I'm on my Summer 2008 road trip. Started yesterday at 4AM, and got me into SLC at about 4PM.  Permalink to this paragraph

Stops include Laramie, WY; Boulder CO and on to Denver on Sunday for the Democratic National Convention. Then four days of watching, listening, talking, and thinking and then back on the road to do it all again!  Permalink to this paragraph

I tried to set up a LAN in my car, to no avail. There isn't much Sprint EVDO on the road between Reno and Salt Lake. No matter, as it turns out there isn't much I want to say to or hear from the net while on the road. Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named tramp.jpgI listened to an excellent Gillmor Gang podcast with Marc Canter and Evan Prodromou of identi.ca. I agree with Steve that identi.ca must do what Twitter does, and the things Twitter stopped doing (like the hugely important XMPP gateway) but no more.  Permalink to this paragraph

If a user has to stop and think whether they should use 140 characters or 250 because this micro-message might go through a gateway to Twitter, well, that's the end of identi.ca right there. Doesn't make it through most people's annoyance filter. Maybe later, when and if identi.ca takes over the world, but it hasn't happened yet, so for now, do what Twitter does -- and no more.  Permalink to this paragraph

Also, Twitter does have a hard limit of 140 characters per message. Here's an example. I wrote a script to send a 250 character tweet to Twitter. Here's what showed up on Twitter. 140 characters and no URL linking to an addendum.  Permalink to this paragraph

Let's try the same on identi.ca. Good, it works identically. (Hence its name.) Keep it that way! Permalink to this paragraph

To Steve, there have been URIs for individual twits for a long time. That's not something new with the threading features in Twitter. Permalink to this paragraph

I loved that Kevin Marks always has one more half-baked BigCo replacement for something we've in the LittleGuy world have had working for years. Evan does an excellent job of taking it up the butt (I mean that as a compliment) -- BOGU is the way of the software world esp when you're being evangelized by IBM (in the 80s), Microsoft (in the 90s) or Google (in the 00s). Permalink to this paragraph

Marc and Steve have great rapport, as good as anything I've heard in podcasting. And Marc, I left a voicemail for you, but given the way the phone company works, you probably won't get it for a few days. Say hi to Doc for me! ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named bmx.gifThere's something really spooky about listening to a podcast with these guys interspersed with doing Bluetooth cellphone calls to them at the same time! Oh man, technology is amazing. Permalink to this paragraph

Anyway, I am posting pics to Flickr (and Twitter) fairly regularly. Permalink to this paragraph

Today I hang out with NakedJen in Salt Lake and might have a meal with Phil Windley and then tomorrow it's back on the road heading into Wyoming. Permalink to this paragraph


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