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Almost home

Saturday, August 30, 2008 by Dave Winer.

I'm writing this from the rest stop at Donner Summit on I80. (The precise coordinates were provided by the GPS in my EVDO modem -- gotta love the technology.) Permalink to this paragraph

Three or four hours left on my road trip.  Permalink to this paragraph

I found an archive of DNC speeches on WNYC and listened to both Clintons, John Kerry, Al Gore and the finale, Barack Obama.  Permalink to this paragraph

I have not heard one minute of pundit commentary on these speeches, and I saw them all live. So I am untainted by anything but the direct experience of listening to what the Democratic Party, as led by Barack Obama, had to say last week, and I am much more than impressed, I am blown away. Permalink to this paragraph

It's incredibly literate and intelligent and these people, not all of whom have always been great orators, have risen to the occasion, and the ones that were great (Bill Clinton and Obama) have reached new heights.  Permalink to this paragraph

Finally, American politics that's worth listening to and participating in.  Permalink to this paragraph

One of my first tasks when I get home will be to prepare a BitTorrent archive of all the speeches. I urge you as strongly as I possibly can, to give them all a serious listen. It may well change how you feel about the United States. And forget what Wolf Blitzer and Chris Matthews and Anderson Cooper and Larry King say, they're idiots, they have no ideas, and are owned by corporate media. Trust me -- it's great stuff, and the convention was wonderful. I've heard from others that they're spinning it otherwise. They're full of it.  Permalink to this paragraph

Okay back to the highway!! ;-> Permalink to this paragraph


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