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Let me give money to an ad

Monday, September 08, 2008 by Dave Winer.

I have another idea for Obama, though it could be equally useful to McCain (and any other candidate). Permalink to this paragraph

When you display an ad on your website, which is a great thing, thanks (I've been asking for this for a long time, there was believe it or not, a time when campaigns hid commercials from Internet users), put a Donate button on the ad. If I give you $100 you commit to using that money to run this ad.  Permalink to this paragraph

I like the idea of putting dollars directly behind a message I feel strongly about.  Permalink to this paragraph

PS: I really like this ad which says "bullshit" to McCain calling himself a maverick. Of all the things. He's a coward, and a liar and Bush guy, and a little creepy mama's boy, skirt hugger. He's not a maverick, not by a mile. Permalink to this paragraph

PPS: I've been asked what's a skirt hugger. Well, if you're a little child, you want to always be close to your mama's skirt, for protection. Here's a picturePermalink to this paragraph


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