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From Terminal 4 at JFK

Saturday, September 20, 2008 by Dave Winer.

A picture named peter.gifWell, it turns out you can take the subway to the airport in NY, here's how. Take the A train toward Brooklyn. Be sure to get on the one that goes to Rockaway or Far Rockaway, there's another A train that does not go to JFK. You want to stay off that one.  Permalink to this paragraph

Take it to the JFK station, take the escalator upstairs (it's the only way out of the station, so you can't go wrong). There will be huge signs that say JFK This Way. The fare is $5, you can use your Metrocard or purchase one there. After going through the wide BART-like turnstile, there's a big sign that says Welcome to JFK. From there, while you're waiting for the train you can find out what terminal your airline is at, then get on the train, it goes to all the terminals. It's exactly like the train that goes between terminals at SFO.  Permalink to this paragraph

That's it. Total cost -- $6.50, compared with $45 plus tip for a cab. Might take a bit longer if there's no traffic, a bit less if there isn't. And you get the satisfaction of knowing you helped the planet. Permalink to this paragraph

There's a longterm parking lot at the Howard Beach station.  Permalink to this paragraph

The Airtrain was packed. Much more so than BART to SFO. The subway ride goes through some of the most colorful parts of the city, also the poorest? Hard to tell because you're underground most of the way. The subway is clean and air conditioned. Permalink to this paragraph


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