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Bush and Cheney must resign

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 by Dave Winer.

A picture named dubyaShuffle.jpgI'm absolutely sure the economic bailout story is going to end with Bush and Cheney resigning. Or more accurately, not end, but move on to the next phase. Pretty sure they will be gone by the end of the week. Permalink to this paragraph

It's the only thing that will give Republicans cover, and will let the Democrats feel they are not being set up. It will get everyone's attention and remove the theory that it's more Bush-Cheney deception. Permalink to this paragraph

Bush and Cheney have no credibility, the only thing they can do right now to help the country, if that's really what they're doing, is to step aside. Permalink to this paragraph

I wrote up the idea in more detail yesterday. Permalink to this paragraph

It's going to shake a lot of people up, but they have to go, now. Permalink to this paragraph

A sure sign this idea will come up on a broader level is this story on Politico about an open rebellion among House Republicans in a meeting with Cheney earlier today. Permalink to this paragraph

Meanwhile OpenLeft says the Paulson plan is a sham, and former Speaker Gingrich urges Congress to reject it, saying any Rep that votes for it will lose in the November election. Permalink to this paragraph

Update: An alternate theory -- if McCain puts his head on the chopping block that could provide enough cover for Republicans and Democrats to vote for the proposal. Permalink to this paragraph


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