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Did McCain know Davis was on Freddie's payroll?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 by Dave Winer.

The first question raised by this amazing NY Times piece:

Did McCain know his campaign manager was also on the Freddie Mac payroll?
A picture named grandpa.gif If he knew, McCain is corrupt to the core, if he didn't -- he's a figurehead who his own people don't respect or protect.  Permalink to this paragraph

Either way it's not a good thing for a potential future President.  Permalink to this paragraph

My guess, and it's just my guess is that McCain didn't know, that he sold his campaign to Davis and Schmidt when it was clear he had no way to win against Obama, and in doing so guaranteed himself a ceremonial role in his own administration if they could win the election. These are the people who write the speeches for Pailin, who designed her candidacy and it's looking more and more like Frank Rich hit the bulls eye in his Sept 13 piece about Palin and Whathisname (that would be McCain). McCain is the old brand that gets this crowd of Bush/Cheney/Rove Republicans back in the White House. After the election they'll just resume doing what they were doing during the previous two Republican administrations. And it still might work. It's hard to imagine that this revelation will mean much to people already planning to vote for McCain.  Permalink to this paragraph

McCain's blogger calls the NY Times "an Obama advocacy organization."  Permalink to this paragraph


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