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McCain to suspend campaign

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 by Dave Winer.

11:55AM: Just heard an announcement on MSNBC that McCain has requested that Friday's debate be postponed so he can focus on the economic plan in front of Congress. He also said he plans to suspend his campaign until the crisis is resolved? Not clear on exactly what was said, but this is obviously a big deal. Permalink to this paragraph

AP: McCain calls for debate delayPermalink to this paragraph

First reaction -- this is the right thing to do. Whether you like it or not, McCain's vote on this matter is pivotal, and being in debate prep is probably not the best place for him to be.  Permalink to this paragraph

Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) says he's not so sure McCain's presence is needed in DC. He says the American people could hear from the candidates in the debate. So it's not clear that Obama is going to react positively to the McCain move.  Permalink to this paragraph

Picture of McCain announcing the suspension of his campaign. Permalink to this paragraph

My first reaction was probably wrong -- this was an intensely political decision by McCain and a bit of a double-cross as Obama was trying to work out an agreement between the campaigns privately when McCain decided to go public. Permalink to this paragraph

Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post has background. Permalink to this paragraph

Lots of new stories on today's NewsJunkPermalink to this paragraph

Wonkette calls McC's move a bluff-in-vain. "You could tell after seeing that new Washington Post/ABC News poll this morning that McCain would need one helluva muppet stunt to get himself a farthingworth's of non-horrendous attention." Permalink to this paragraph

"The debate is on," a senior Obama campaign official told ABC News.  Permalink to this paragraph

MP3 of Obama response to McCain. Permalink to this paragraph


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