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Brooks hits it out

Monday, September 29, 2008 by Dave Winer.

A picture named cabinetBowler.jpgDavid Brooks is not one of my favorite NY Times columnists, but today he showed why the United States is coming out of its long malaise and the vacuum of leadership in every area is now being filled by intelligent, eloquent and thoughtful people, like Brooks, who always had the capability to lead, but probably never felt it was their place.  Permalink to this paragraph

I highly recommend reading the whole piece, from beginning to end. Don't stop at the places where your chin drops. He's a Republican, not a Democrat -- and he's got some stern words for Democrats, but nothing compared to what he says to his fellow Republicans. But mostly he, like many other Republicans, are finally talking like Americans. No more talk of wedge issues, and winning elections for the sake of winning, there's no time for that now. We have to think in terms of where our country fits in, in the world, and then start going there.  Permalink to this paragraph

On CNN this evening, another American who is rising to the occasion, Suze Orman, was on fire. You could see the truth in her eyes. It's so great.  Permalink to this paragraph

I think we may be on the verge of the greatest days of the United States in my adult life, and I've lived some great times, having a front row seat in three technological booms, which of course drove a lot of the growth in our economy in the last 30 years. But now there's a lot more work to do, to get busy on the four major areas we need improvement: education, health care, housing and infrastructure.  Permalink to this paragraph

Anyway, here's a link to the Brooks piece, with a short quote to give you an idea how great it is. Permalink to this paragraph

David Brooks: "We're living in an age when a vast excess of capital sloshes around the world fueling cycles of bubble and bust. When the capital floods into a sector or economy, it washes away sober business practices, and habits of discipline and self-denial. Then the money managers panic and it sloshes out, punishing the just and unjust alike." Permalink to this paragraph

It's so true!! ;-> Permalink to this paragraph


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