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If the Republicans lose

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 by Dave Winer.

Upfront caveat: I'm not willing to say "When the Republicans lose" but I am hoping I get to say "When the Republicans lost." Permalink to this paragraph

So if the Republicans lose on November 4, they will have to make a much more serious transition than they think they'll have to.  Permalink to this paragraph

They've been winning elections by saying nonsense things to the electorate, things that are precisely true, even though they know damned well that when the people hear them on TV or via email or word of mouth, they're hearing something different from the precisely true things they say. And lately they haven't even been worrying about the line between true and false. They say things like Palin was exonerated in Troopergate, when the exact opposite is true, she was indicted.  Permalink to this paragraph

Now the "elite" -- people who know how to read and bother to, know this is what's going on. The Repubs didn't care because they could blow by our opinion of them, and as long as they were winning, what could we do about it? Permalink to this paragraph

Now it seems the Republicans may actually lose, and if they do, here's the change: If they want to get heard, they're going to have to stick to arguments that are based on what's actually going on. Permalink to this paragraph

I know -- it's tough.  Permalink to this paragraph


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