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Windows on Amazon

Thursday, October 23, 2008 by Dave Winer.

This is my next drop-everything project. Permalink to this paragraph

http://aws.amazon.com/windows/  Permalink to this paragraph

I'll be running software there soon, Murphy-willing. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

Mary Jo says Amazon is releasing this stuff today in anticipation of something similar from Microsoft next week.  Permalink to this paragraph

I just took a look at the docs for setting up Windows in EC2 and geez, it's got a lot of weird hoops to jump through. I don't see why getting started has to be any more complicated than setting up a new Windows machine, which believe me, I have plenty of experience with. Then if I want to do more fancy stuff later, I can learn how to do it later. It seems like all the arcane stuff has to be addressed up front.  Permalink to this paragraph

Command-line tools? Really? Oh please help. I haven't used a command line since I left MS-DOS in the early 90s.  Permalink to this paragraph

Maybe Elasticfox circumvents all the command line stuff? I'll give it a look. Permalink to this paragraph

I've had mucho success getting Elasticfox set up. Not really sure what it's doing, but it sounds like it's doing the same thing as the command line tools but with a browser-based GUI which is what I'm kind of used to (I use the S3 Organizer Firefox tool to do interactive management of my S3 storage). Elasticfox is similar in approach to that.  Permalink to this paragraph

Feedback to anyone at Amazon who's listening -- your docs tell you too much if all you want to do is get started. You should get the user to a Remote Desktop Connection window of a functioning server asap. I'm working through the Elasticfox docs, and they're telling me so much more than I need to know (even though this time I understand it cause it's in terms that I understand). Also I think you should steer people to this tool up front, not make it a maze they have to climb around to figure out what to use. This could be a lot easier. Permalink to this paragraph

At 11:54AM -- I've got my Windows instance running in Remote Desktop from a Mac. That was really cool. Elasticfox gets you all the way there. Very nice! Permalink to this paragraph

First thing to do -- install Firefox. Looking around, I've got 160GB to play with. Should be plenty. Two drives, C and D. C has 10GB and D has 150GB. Install Firefox on C. Permalink to this paragraph

Next I want to do a speed test, to see how fast the Internet connection is. That requires that I install Flash. When I try to download it I get a security error. I didn't know Firefox had anything like that. Not sure how to change that. Later... Turns out Firefox 3 respects security settings of Windows. Instructions are herePermalink to this paragraph

Okay so I'm running the speed test now. It says my server is in Seattle. Hah. Makes sense.  Permalink to this paragraph

 Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named speakeasy.gif Permalink to this paragraph

Okay, I'm ready to take a break now. I consider this a success and I think I'll be using this service, probably starting right away. Permalink to this paragraph

Next thing I have to figure out is if the IP address of this server is persistent. I saw something about that in the EC2 FAQ. I'm sure I'll have a lot of suggestions for them. I'm quite excited about the possibilities of providing turnkey servers for end-users. I don't think there's any problem with this being an end-user service, their docs just need better organization, but there's nothing to say I can't write some new docs. Lots of possibilities here. ;-> ;-> ;->  Permalink to this paragraph


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