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Windows on Amazon, Day 2

Friday, October 24, 2008 by Dave Winer.

Yesterday's initial exploration of EC2 was a success. I have a server running in Amazon's cloud. It was up overnight. Still there the next day, exactly as I left it. Permalink to this paragraph

I was able to get Firefox installed and run a few performance tests of the net connection. Nothing that would blow you away, but enough for a modest server. There must be a way to up the bandwidth, but that's not a concern right now. Permalink to this paragraph

The next thing to learn how to do is: 1. Save my work so in case the server crashes I can restart it, and... 2. Reserve an IP address for the server, so I can map a domain name to it, and so that others can talk to the server over the Internet as you would any server. Eventually I will run scripting.com in the Amazon cloud, at least that's the plan right now. Permalink to this paragraph

As before, I'm just going to narrate my work here, and ask any questions I have here, and if they get resolved, provide the answers. Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named ken.jpgFirst question is whether the AMI that I create from my instance is private. I haven't entered any passwords into the Firefox install, so I'm not really risking anything. I guess I'm wondering whether I should install my server software in the AMI or in a disk image that gets mounted by the instance when its launched. My guess is the latter. Though I really would like to create a public AMI that has my server software built into it. This is one of the things I find really exciting, that I can create turnkey servers that other people can operate on their own, without me having to nurse the servers.  Permalink to this paragraph

I put together a cheat sheet that summarizes the steps to creating an AMI from an instance. Permalink to this paragraph

I'm now bundling an AMI from my instance. I feel like I'm beginning to master the jargon! ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

Also bundling seems to be really slow. It's been stuck at 3% for about five minutes now. Permalink to this paragraph


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