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Postpartem blues

Friday, November 07, 2008 by Dave Winer.

What a rush the last few days have been.  Permalink to this paragraph

Geez, never mind the last few days -- it's been going on since January, since the Iowa Caucus. A continuing stream of "Wait For This" spans of time. First it was New Hampshire, then Super Tuesday, then Texas and Ohio. Then a month of downtime, followed by Pennsylvania and the early May primaries (can't remember what states they were) finally Indiana and North Carolina, and Tim Russert proclaiming we now know who the Democratic nominee will be. Whew.  Permalink to this paragraph

I think at that time we really knew who the next President would be, but who cares. There were ways to pretend at least that the stuff between then and now mattered.  Permalink to this paragraph

Now it's all over and I know what has to come next. No matter what the expectation, built up over so much time, can't be matched by reality. Like many others, I imagine, it's time now to look elsewhere for meaning. We will have an African-American president, a Democrat, a smart man with big ambition. It'll be interesting to watch him, but not all-consuming as it was. Permalink to this paragraph

What comes next? I honestly don't know. Permalink to this paragraph


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