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Getting this on the record

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 by Dave Winer.

Sometimes I just make predictions to friends verbally and forget to put them on the blog, to get them on the record. So... Permalink to this paragraph

I stand by my prediction that Bush, if he doesn't end up in jail, will be a very happy ex-president.  Permalink to this paragraph

Check out this CNN piece about his regrets. There will be more like that. Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named howyadoinheckuvajob.jpgI think Bush never really wanted to be President, I think he wanted to run for President. He was a very good campaigner, you really could see this during the 2004 campaign. On the stump, his timing was perfect, he was a fantastic speaker. I wonder if McC didn't make a big mistake by not having Bush go out for him this year (glad he didn't!). Anyway, once the campaign was over and he had to be President again, he was stumbling and bumbling and tripping over his words, as usual. Permalink to this paragraph

This point is emphasized in the Oliver Stone movie. He's the dog who caught the car. Now what? That's the part Bush wasn't so good at. Permalink to this paragraph

But as an ex-President life will be one big Texas BBQ with non-alchoholic beer. He can read a book every once in a while, watch a game, have some of his friends over, tell everyone they're doing a heckuva a job, and not have to worry about the shit he had to worry about. Permalink to this paragraph

You could see it clearly when he was hanging out at the Olympics this summer. Man, he was having a great time, he looked fantastic, confident, tan, relaxed. Until Putin reared his head and brought him back to reality and then a few weeks later so did the economy. Permalink to this paragraph

Now he just has to make a deal with Obama for a pardon (heh wonder how that's going) and in a couple of years he can go on a book tour to sell his memoir and I bet everyone will be nostalgic for the guy, amazing as that might seem now. Things kind of work out that way. Permalink to this paragraph


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