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Text On Rails

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 by Dave Winer.

You could fill an outline... with what some people don't grok about outlines! ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

Via Scott Rosenberg, a post from a guy who loves outlines, worrying about a guy who doesn't. Permalink to this paragraph

Truth is this: Outliners don't force you to do anything, and they are the opposite of rigid, and people who say they are, probably have only written outlines on paper and have never used an outliner on a computer. Permalink to this paragraph

I know a lot about this -- there probably are just a handful of people on the planet who have invested any effort in convincing people to use outliners, and I'm one of them.  Permalink to this paragraph

I still use an outliner, I'm using one right now to write this. I never do any serious writing in anything else. The ability to move stuff around with the mouse is very important to me. It frees me from worrying about order because I can edit it. It has the opposite effect of imposing rigidness on my work, it makes it fluid. Permalink to this paragraph

After years of selling RSS, I came up with this phrase to explain it -- Automated Web Surfing. Permalink to this paragraph

In the same way, after years of talking about outlines, really decades -- this is what I came up with -- Text on Rails. Permalink to this paragraph


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