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Can I buy a TLD?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 by Dave Winer.

A picture named turkey.gifI have an idea for a business built around a new Top Level Domain or TLD. It wouldn't matter what the name is, it could be .xyz or .x98 -- I'd just like to plunk down some money and create a little economy around domains all ending with the same three letters. I seem to remember reading somewhere that ICANN was going to open this up, that you'd have to make some kind of relatively large payment to them, and offer a business plan that indicated you were doing something honorable.  Permalink to this paragraph

Did I remember this correctly?  Permalink to this paragraph

Pointers would be most welcome... Permalink to this paragraph

Update: Thanks to Daniel Bruce for the pointer on FFPermalink to this paragraph

The answer is yes. Next year. Permalink to this paragraph

6/28/08: "The new decision will allow companies to register their brands as generic TLDs. For instance, Microsoft could apply to have a TLD such as .msn and Apple apply for .mac." Permalink to this paragraph


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