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Singin in the Rain, day 2

Monday, December 15, 2008 by Dave Winer.

I didn't know so many 20s and 30s film enthusiasts were tuned in to Scripting News. I am one myself, the 30s were probably the biggest growth decade for film, at the dawn of the decade sound was just coming out (I was wrong yesterday, The Jazz Singer was of course the first picture with sound, 1927).  Permalink to this paragraph

A commenter posted a pointer to a Chris Pirillo piece that explains in great detail how to download an MP4 of a YouTube video. The Cliff Notes version: Right-click on this link, choose Bookmark This Link. Then when you're on a YouTube page whose video you want, just choose the Bookmark menu item, and save it to your local hard drive. Permalink to this paragraph

I tried it with Singin in the Rain, and it worked, and now I have a copy in my archive on Amazon S3, so it's less likely to disappear in the future.  Permalink to this paragraph

Re yesterday's piece, I'm still wanting to create a list of all the people in the song, in order. I only know who a few of them are.  Permalink to this paragraph


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