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Web 2.0 gas prices, revisited

Saturday, December 20, 2008 by Dave Winer.

On June 29, I took a picture of the prices at a local gas station, thinking they were worth documenting for two reasons: Permalink to this paragraph

1. The prices were so shockingly high. Permalink to this paragraph

2. I thought they'd continue to go up. Permalink to this paragraph

In a blog post, I compared them to prices recorded by Google Maps street view of the same station.  Permalink to this paragraph

Yesterday, returning from a lunch in Sausalito, I stopped at the same intersection and took another picture. Instead of going up dramatically, the price of gas had gone down, dramatically.  Permalink to this paragraph

California gas prices revisited Permalink to this paragraph

Just goes to show, try to predict the future, the future fcuks with you. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

Update: One of the cool things about the rise in gas prices earlier this year is that it got a bunch of people to buy these small cars that you see all over Europe. Not just in Berkeley, I saw a bunch of them in NY too. Maybe we should make a deal with Ford and GM and the American people, we'll swap one for one, an old gas guzzling SUV for a modern new high-tech Smart. Could be one of the public works projects of the new New Deal.  Permalink to this paragraph


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