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friendsOfDave on Twitter

Monday, January 12, 2009 by Dave Winer.

friendsOfDave is list of blogs, like an old-style blogroll, but with a difference. Every time one of the blogs in my list updates, an app on my server sends a link to Twitter, identi.ca and FriendFeed.  Permalink to this paragraph

http://twitter.com/friendsOfDave  Permalink to this paragraph

http://identi.ca/friendsOfDave  Permalink to this paragraph

http://friendfeed.com/friendsofdave  Permalink to this paragraph

This makes it easy for me to keep up with the blog posts, which come much more slowly than tweets, of people I think of as friends -- in the blogging sense -- people who I want to keep current with.  Permalink to this paragraph

Here's a list of the people: Permalink to this paragraph

This neatly solved the problem outlined in The First Church of Scoble, where I said I wanted to hear about Scoble, but not the full blast of his Twitter stream. To some extent this isn't even about Scoble the person, because people talking about Scoble (something he actively encourages of course) is all part of the Church effect. Unless he turns his blog into a firehose, we can have just-enough Scoble, along with some Doc, Jen, Betsy, Fred, Jay, Scott, Om, Lance, Rebecca, Gartenberg, et al. Permalink to this paragraph

I've had a few days of F-O-D, and I like. It went quiet over the weekend, but now it's Monday morning and things are picking up. Last week was CES so there was a lot of tech stuff, and I was worried there might be too much, but things are more balanced this week. I still need some more political blogs to add to flow, but I want to do that slowly too. Permalink to this paragraph

And part of the way I measure success is that the people in the group seem to be following the group. I think this is important. Maybe it will evolve into some kind of meta-publication. Or a conference? I have no idea. I do know they're all creative interesting people who are likely to have some cool ideas if there are any to be had. Permalink to this paragraph

Everyone can follow... The more the merrier, as usual. Permalink to this paragraph


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