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Prior art search: How to display a tweet?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 by Dave Winer.

You know what a tweet is and how they're displayed in Twitter. Permalink to this paragraph

Pretend you're a time traveler from 2003 and someone told you that a primary software interface was going to include bare naked urls, would you have believed it? I wouldn't. I still don't accept that it's the best way to display a tweet.  Permalink to this paragraph

These days lots of software displays them, not just Twitter. And they all have the same problem -- how to display the urls. I haven't seen a lot of approaches. I'd like to generate some, to gather different non-raw-url approaches. Here's an example: Permalink to this paragraph

Where are the Users at the User Generated Content Expo? Link to an external site. Permalink to this paragraph

We don't shorten urls just to conserve space within the 140-character limit, shortening urls also makes our writing more legible. For that application we could go the full distance and collapse the url down to an 11-by-11 icon. If so, what should the icon be? Here are some examples of vast collections of free mini icons.  Permalink to this paragraph

I'm assuming the best approach is to shrink the url to an icon and store it to the right of the text but if you knew the big ugly url was going to shrink to an icon, you might start putting the urls in the middle of sentences in ur tweets. Permalink to this paragraph

Maybe a mini-icon isn't the best way to go, maybe there's another way altogether to neaten up tweets and make them more readable? (And yes, I know some people will say the way Twitter does it now is the best possible way, please assume we're all considering that possibility as well). Permalink to this paragraph

I'm interested to know what people think. Permalink to this paragraph


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