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A new way of linking in tweets

Wednesday, January 14, 2009 by Dave Winer.

Following up on the discussion about displaying links in tweets. Permalink to this paragraph

1. This is what a link looks like, in text:  Permalink to this paragraph

41 people call this [photo|http://bit.ly/DMhr] a favorite. Permalink to this paragraph

2. When rendered:  Permalink to this paragraph

41 people call this photo a favorite. Permalink to this paragraph

I've posted a number of tweets in this format, and so far no one has expressed any confusion about it, or even curiosity. I guess they just figure it out? Not sure.  Permalink to this paragraph

Thanks to Chuck Shotton and Steven Levy for pressing the point. Permalink to this paragraph

Update: David Berlind asks "Would the markup syntax eat into the 140 char limit?" -- yes -- there's 3 added characters for each link.  Permalink to this paragraph

Update: Joey Baker has a great idea. If the stuff betw the pipe and the right square bracket doesn't begin with "http://" the displaying software should add it. That's 7 characters saved. Worth doing, imho. Permalink to this paragraph


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