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By dawn's early tweet

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 by Dave Winer.

My first tweet of the day, unedited: "Really feely unhinged this morning. There was some security in GWB's mediocrity. Now, there won't be an excuse, it' s now -- not later." Permalink to this paragraph

It's true. I've had an unsettled feeling. Can't deny it, can't wish it away. Permalink to this paragraph

On the radio this morning, while the coffee is brewing, news that the milk market has collapsed and dairy farmers are selling their cows. Permalink to this paragraph

China is asking for immediate talks with the new US president, about security and the shape of the world economy. Everything is up for grabs in the latter. This time it's not about the power of the military, but which economy will emerge in what kind of shape after the reshaping that's going on. Profound changes ahead. At stake is the western style of life. The inaugural could be our last great party with all the bells and whistles? I don't know. Permalink to this paragraph

After dinner the other day, driving down a main street in the East Bay, I asked my date if she thought this street would look more or less the same in a year's time. She said yes. I said was not so sure. I wanted to believe it would. Permalink to this paragraph

But for the next few hours it's time to measure all we've accomplished. Aretha will sing America The Beautiful from the steps of the Capitol in a few hours. Do you need any more symbolism than that? We've come of age, my generation. We're running the world now, what's left of it.  Permalink to this paragraph

This may be the apex, the climax of America, the top of the mountain Martin Luther King dreamed of. Where can we go from here?  Permalink to this paragraph

It's a potent moment. Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named byeByeSaysDubya.gifShortly after our previous President took office I wrote: "Now I'm not a Republican, far from it, most of the things Republicans stand for are things I'm against. But there's something satisfying about the Bush Presidency, and for a time I couldn't put my finger on exactly what it is. Now I think I get it. If this guy could be president, anyone could. He bumbles along twisting around his mouth when he speaks, with his Texas accent that I don't believe. I imagine him on the scene of The West Wing, reading his lines, and sipping his coffee saying "Oh this is really good coffee, thanks." He gets his cues from Dick Cheney, but he could just as easily get them from a TV series director. Smile here. Say something nice about America. Good job Dubya. Excellent." Permalink to this paragraph

Suffice to say I have higher hopes for his successor. Permalink to this paragraph


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